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Forest Lakes Community Association
Election Requirements
The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday January 22, 2014 at 6pm.. For this meeting we will need 30% participation as there are candidates and changes in our governing documents to be voted on. If the required number of votes is not met, the Association must hold a second vote which would cost thousands of unnecessary dollars in additional printing, postage and processing charges.

By submitting your vote, these charges can be avoided. If you have not submitted your ballot, there is still time...You can submit your ballot by mail in the return envelope included in your election packet, you can turn it in at the office or you can place it in the locked drop slot at the main entrance of the Pavilion.

If you plan to attend the annual meeting, you can cast your vote at the meeting. See your election packet for full voting instructions.

If you have any questions about voting or need a ballot, call the office at 973-4596.
Please be sure to vote!
To encourage increased voter participation and to help reach a 30% or higher voter turnout, when your ballot/proxy is received, your name will be entered in a drawing for a FREE Pavilion rental.
Annual Meeting Date
The 2014 Annual Meeting and Board of Directors election will be held at The Forest Lakes North Poolhouse on Wednesday January 22nd at 6:00pm (inclement weather dates are January 29, February 5th, and 12th at 6:00pm). 


Here's the latest from Dominion Power....



The FLCA Board will hold a follow up information session on the proposed western 'bypass' Tuesday, August 6 at 7 PM in the Pavilion, for those who were unable to attend the previous session.  We will review the current situation and provide the contact information that residents would use if they wanted to make their voices heard on this issue.
As was detailed in the recent session, the current proposal:
Does not fix the dangerous northbound 'roller coaster' on 29 where a runaway downhill truck killed a 16 year old Forest Lakes South resident several years ago.  In fact, it builds the northern terminus exit right into the existing grade - meaning more trucks on the same slope.
Does not widen Route 29 to 3 full through lanes as had been promised/expected/needed - substituting instead language in the RFP that allowed the contractor to count the on and off ramps for the 'bypass' as added lanes.  Both of these improvements were promised by the Albemarle Board of Supervisors, and indeed were a 'condition' of them voting to approve it.
Projects that there will be up to 12 minute delays at the Ashwood stoplight entering 29 in morning rush hour after the bypass is built - that's a line of 50 cars or more.
Has suggested eliminating the deceleration lane northbound on 29 approaching Ashwood Boulevard - a very unsafe idea.
Could potentially build a new flyover on the eastern side of 29 right at Ravenswood and Ashland communities
Could potentially move the terminus slightly north of Ashwood, so that Forest Lakes South residents could not connect to it from Ashwood, meaning that traffic would spill back onto Hollymead Drive and Powell Creek -overloading those streets.
Could potentially even close Ashwood access to 29 entirely (with a new parallel road up to Hollymead Drive) - something we had learned about some time ago but was assured that it would not occur - but now still might be proposed based on the many difficulties the architects of this road plan are having in 'fitting it in' to the available space.
If you want to learn more about these and other issues,  get your questions answered, learn about alternatives that could be pursued and find out how you can take action, you are invited to attend this session.
For those of you who came to the prior session and requested a set of 'talking points' for use in writing to decision-makers, please contact the FLCA office and a copy of what has been put together can be provided to you.
 Spring Trash Bulk Pick up is scheduled for
---> Saturday, April 20th, 2013  <---
County Waste will start about 7am in Forest Lakes South and continue on to Forest Lakes North. Please put items on your curb the evening before.
Absolutely no hazardous waste, asbestos, batteries, liquids, paints, oils, tires, or computer parts.
Tree trimmings and brush must be either bagged or bundled/tied and less than 3 feet in length. No large appliances unless pre-arranged with the office. Please call Becca @ 434-296-6000 to make arrangements or for any other questions.

The Third Annual Charlottesville Pro Tennis Challenge to benefit Special Olympics Virginia and The Experience Tennis Tournament will be held on Friday, Oct 19 at 6 pm at Boars Head.  The Pro Tennis Challenge is a FUNdraiser, we invite all of the Charlottesville Area Tennis Teaching Pros to compete against one another in Doubles.  They play an 8 game pro set and there is a consolation draw for those teams losing in the first round.
This very fun community event costs $25 (minimum donation) per person and includes light fare and 1 drink ticket.  The proceeds benefit Special Olympics Virginia and The Experience Tennis Tournament, which is held in January  at the Boars Head Sports Club and features local athletes Chris Raupp and Jon Fried.
Please come out to cheer for Brad Karen, our Forest Lakes tennis pro as he and his son Theo play against the pros from the other area clubs.
It's a great night of tennis and community spirit for a wonderful cause!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chris Shaw at 327.6283 who is a volunteer for this event.


Information meeting for Forest
Lakes residents on the Route 29 Western Bypass
Tonight: Wednesday, September 5, 2012
 Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Forest Lakes North Pavilion
There will be an information meeting for all interested residents of the Forest Lakes Community concerning the proposed Route 29 Western Bypass. Representatives from
the Sierra Club, Piedmont Environmental Council, and the Southern Environmental Law Center will have detailed maps for review, will provide information on the construction
plans, and will present an update on the Environmental Assessment which is being conducted by VDOT. In late September, there will be an opportunity for the
public to comment to VDOT on the proposed Bypass, so this meeting is to educate and inform the Forest Lakes Community about the Bypass in advance of that VDOT
This is an informal meeting. Come anytime during the 2 hours and ask questions or look at the plans. Refreshments provided.

September 5, 2012
Survey of Forest Lakes Traffic Patterns -
Your Participation is Invited
We have created a very short, 3 minute survey about the driving patterns of Forest Lakes residents, to share with VDOT as they proceed with designing the Western Bypass. It is important for VDOT to understand our patterns, and while they use many computer models, they surprisingly do not generally collect information directly from drivers regarding where and how often they travel. The most recent detailed data is about 20 years old! Our community is in a unique position to help provide information that can help them design the most appropriate traffic solutions for the future. Please follow this link to participate in this very short survey and share your driving patterns and expectations: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/forestlakestraffic
The Forest Lakes Board will give the summary results to VDOT.
This survey is entirely anonymous, and no identifying information on any participant is being collected so none will be shared. If you would like to provide your email at the end of the survey, we will send you the results when the survey is complete.
Thank you for your participation.
Please forward this to your Forest Lakes friends and neighbors for them to participate
Questions We Need Answered By Ken Boyd "our" Supervisor:

1. Why are you in support of more development when by all accounts, there is currently more than 20 years of commercial inventory to be absorbed?
2. If I had planned a home project 20 years ago, before I went and implemented it today I would revisit the cost and need before I began. Why aren't we doing the same with the proposed Rte 29 By-pass? When this project was originally considered, Forest Lakes wasn't even on the map, and now, it's proposed to empty out just south of Ashwood Blvd, the entrance to this area's largest subdivision? (1400 + homes in Forest Lakes)
3. A true by-pass, like I-495 around DC or I-295 around Richmond, goes AROUND and BY-PASSES major metro areas. Isn't this plan more like a by-through? Did you vote the eastern portion of the road down (over by Key West, where you live). So, in effect, there is NO easy way to get off I-66 and travel north/northwest to Forest Lakes and the Airport?
4. Shouldn't we be devoting more of our resources on maintaining and up-dating existing infrastructure, providing necessary services, and supporting better educational standards than adding MORE infrastructure?




September 26, 2011













A committee convened by Ken Boyd, consisting of area community members, recently met on two occasions to discuss the northern terminus of the Western Bypass.   VDOT was present at both meetings and appeared committed to keeping the terminus on the west side of RT29 between Polo Grounds Road and Ashwood Blvd.  The RFP calls for a "design build" which means the actual design will be submitted by the contractor but it must meet VDOT's predefined criteria.


The committee recommended the following requirements to be incorporated into VDOTs minimum design standards for the Northern Terminus:


            1) Stay on the west side of existing US 29 and south of its intersection with 

                Ashwood Blvd.      

            2) Minimize footprint with no impact on the existing Ashwood Blvd


            3) No new stoplights or at grade intersections.

            4) No U-turns.


Please note: VDOT's RFP is going out at the end of September and will not include input received by the committee or the public.  VDOT said that an amendment to the RFP is going out in November. That amendment may or may not contain any of the committee's or public's input.


Thank you!

David Shifflett, Jr.

FLCA Board President




February 2011
Forest Lakes Community Association 
2011 Election Results!




Growth Area Expansion Defeated


Thanks to your input, the County BOS rejected the plan to expand the growth area.








The Board of Directors would like to thank all homeowners who voted in this year's election and those who attended the annual meeting. The 2011 Forest Lakes Board of Directors is listed below.

Carmine Covais
Scott Elliff
Sue Friedman
Fulton Gaylord
Chris Hapgood
Rich Hooper
David Shifflett

Dominion Power Announcements


Dominion Virginia Power is seeking additional power transmission capacity for the Hollymead area and looking at creating redundancy in power transmission to this area, which we do not currently have.  To gain substantial community input prior to the community forum, Dominion Virginia Power has created a Community Advisory Group (CAG).
At the September 22, 2010 FLCA Board Meeting, it was agreed, that I will officially be a representative for the FLCA Board at the Dominion Virginia Power (CAG) meetings.

The Community Advisory Group has had three meetings. Meeting notes available on links below.

June 29, 2010 - CAG Organizational preliminary meeting.  (Not yet invited to attend this meeting).
July 23, 2010   - First formal meeting held at Baker Butler.

Sept. 7, 2010   - Second formal meeting held at the Forest Lakes North Pool House

NEXT meeting dates:  The general public is welcome to attend these meetings.

Oct. 5, 2010 - 6:30 pm at the Forest Lakes North Pool House.  Public comment is not permitted at this meeting. 

Oct. 26, 2010 - 6:30 pm - Open House Meeting at Baker Butler Elementary School.
The general public will have the opportunity to make comments at this meeting.
For more information see resources below shared with the Community Advisory Group.


Dominion recently launched a Green Power initiative that you might be interested in learning more about. You can click the link below to learn about Green Power and Dominion's other Conservation Programs, including Smart Grid Charlottesville.



The modern "electric grid", referring to the power lines that supply your home with electricity, receives the power from many sources and types of generation including wind, coal, natural gas, and hydroelectric and others.  There is not a one-to-one connection between any fuel source and customer.  For more information on how the grid works, please click the link below.



For a 3-minute video explaining how the electric grid operates, click the following link.



If you are ready to run the grid yourself, check out the interactive simulations available on the Department of Energy website.  You can also see how a few simple changes at home can lower your own consumption, and your bill!



So where is it all going? Find out who the big users are on this information-packed site from Virginia's State Corporation Commission.



Finally, we wanted to let you know that the most recent meeting notes have been posted to our project site, which you can always access by visiting www.dom.com and entering "Hollymead" as your keyword.  Or, simply use the following link.http://www.dom.com/about/electric-transmission/hollymead/index.jsp.



Thank you,

Sue Friedman, FLCA Board of Directors, Secretary


Did You Know:

* Forest Lakes has about 1400 homes and a population of aproximately 5000 people? See it here in Google Maps !
* In the past 3 years, Forest Lakes has invested over $1 Million dollars to improve and up-grade the amenities, infrastructure, and services offered to its homeowners?
* Forest Lakes stands alone among other similar sub-divisions, in its efforts to lower utility consumption through energy audits and building renovations? See them listed here: forest lakes energy efficiency improvements oct 2009
* Forest Lakes is home of the ONLY Farmer's Market to be held in a privately owned community in Virginia?
* You can read current and back issues of the Forest Lakes Community Newsletter right here.

* You can stay current with market conditions in Forest Lakes--by reading the Neighborhood Statistical Market Up-Date.
* You can peruse the CAAR (Charlottesville Area Assoc of Realtors) Quarterly Market Reports here, too.

* See a recent article from Home Style magazine about
Forest Lakes 12-07-09.
* Fulton Gaylord lives in and serves on the Forest Lakes Community Association Board--he KNOWS Forest Lakes better than almost anyone--he'd be the best Realtor to represent you in a buying or selling transaction within our community.


* Historically, Forest Lakes properties tend to hold their values better than others within the surrounding geographical area--sometimes nearing almost 9% or better!
* You can get the latest on the county's development plans along the Route 29 North corridor--Sign-up for the Places 29 e-mail news.
* Get The free Albemarle County Newcomers Guide --PDF file
* That Fulton moved here from New Hampshire and he'd be glad to share his experiences about relocating: from researching neighborhoods, checking out schools, to turning on the utilities--use Fulton as a resource, he's gone before you! Fulton@kw.com
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